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Who Is This Guy?

Greg Insco
April 2009 I walked from Cincinnati to California to drop off my survivor application tape. My best friend Megan gave me the idea before her unexpected passing. It took me 76 days to walk 2200 miles across the country. After my walk I discovered a passion to entertain and help others achieve their goals. Since 2009 I’ve given up more and sacrificed more than anyone I know. BE KIND, WORK HARD, AND AMAZING THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!

 If you only remember 3 words I say, remember this- “Live Your Dreams”.
-Greg Insco

*Aside from starting a family I only have 2 goals left in life. One is to put my Survivor goal ( to rest but it is in the producers hands and out of my control. The other goal is to get Lifehouse to do a memorial concert for my late friend Megan. I want to share something she loved with everyone that loved her. If you can make either of these dreams come true…….I’d be forever grateful.